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Selfish Sons are a band in real life. With three members, all brothers, and a nostalgic hit of live adrenaline, whats not to hate? Boasting undertones similar to the likes of Twenty One Pilots and The Neighbourhood, the band are renowned for their addictive noise and charismatic stage presence to match.


Existing together in a creative space since day one - we meet brothers Jordy and Finn, who first crossed paths with Jonty on set for a commercial, back in 2008. With the luck of fate, the three later found themselves together in the same high school. Here, Jordy, Finn and Jonty connected over their mutual love for talking shit and infectious tunes. Spending most of their time in detention, the boys decided there was a better way to ‘waste’ their time – and that was music. Having found a new way to channel their passion infused rebellion, the name was cleverly coined ‘Selfish Sons,’ brining you an eclectic amalgam of Rock/Pop nostalgia, circa early 2000s.


Jumping forward from their humbling beginnings, Selfish Sons have fallen to the addictive energy of live shows and their audiences did too. Since the release of their Debut EP ‘Sixfour’ in 2019 accumulating over 1 Million streams, the band has been on multiple tours and independently sold out headline shows at iconic venues across Australia and internationally.


More recently, Selfish Sons released their sophomore EP ‘Secondhand Emotion’, played international shows, supported fellow Aussie success Kid Laroi, supported The Driver Era and performed to festival audiences of over 25,000 people.


Finn, Jonty and Jordy share a hereditary love for their craft, continually honing their sonic and creating new music. Selfish Sons are currently adding finishing touches to their large bank of new music, with exciting plans for an Australian and International touring soon to be announced.


Stay Tuned.

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