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Selfish Sons are a three-piece alternative rock band from Brisbane, Australia. Making rock music with pop sensibility, these brothers have established themselves as eccentric entertainers with a powerful sound.


The rock outfit consists of brothers Jordy and Finn who met Jonty in a commercial audition waiting room at the age of 8. This spontaneous friendship grew tenfold through High School after realising that their love for infectious melodies and having a laugh was better suited to writing songs 'tongue in cheek' for an aptly named band, not getting kicked out of a classroom. This led to their eclectic amalgam of rock/pop nostalgia circa early 2000's.


After many devious nights and failed cover attempts , the addictive energy of live shows became an obsession, leading to numerous tours and sold out shows across the East Coast. The band has developed a name as one of the most energetic and passionate upcoming acts.

Selfish Sons are one to look out for in 2021.


‘Anything’ provides perspective into the complicated nature of love and the connection people have to it. Through its earnest lyricism and the bands affinity for anthemic rock,  it depicts the idea that it can be harder to look past the pain of a break up than it is to dwell on it.  


'Anything' sets the tone for a new chapter of music from the band, with more to come in 2021.

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